#newmusic MURLI – ‘Surface Tension’


The new year has brought the arrival of exciting new recordings by Limerick artists. These new releases have been written, produced and recorded in Limerick, proof that the city has the creativity and the technical skills to produce quality music of the highest industry standards. Limerick Post takes a listen to some great reasons to be #limerickandproud

MEET Murli, he is one third of the God Knows + mynameisjOhn live act. The trio has been touring the ‘Rusangano/ Family’ album since its release in the summer of 2014. The album was high on many critics list last year and though it missed out on the recent Choice Music Prize shortlist, it remains one of the finest albums from this region in recent times.
As promised late last year the crew responsible for ‘Rusangano/ Family’ has been back in the studio recording an EP of new material from Murli.
‘Surface Tension’ is very much a collaborative project in the Rusangano spirit.
Murli is a 24 year-old MC, based in Limerick but of Togolese descent. He has been building his storytelling abilities and charismatic stage presence for some time and has been on the radar for some years, now playing support slots to Run The Jewels, Young Fathers, Snoop Dogg and BadBadNotGood as well as playing Body & Soul and Hard Working Class Heroes.
Over seven tracks MurLi uses his switches from rapid-fire rhymes over 170 bpm riddims to heartfelt personal tales of triumph and belief alongside boom bap beats. While the music bristles with energy MurLi’s stories come from one of the darkest moments of his life.
MurLi explains, “With no job, no money, and hence an eternity of time on my hands, I entered a stage of deep reflection. I started to question my earlier choices in life, and my overall role in society. What have I got to do to be more like the people around? What have I got to do to get to their levels? What’s wrong with the world? How come society seems to be on a downward slope at a time when we have achieved so much in terms of technological development, among others?”
MuRli’s ‘Surface Tension’ EP now only showcases his flows and intelligent lyrics; the EP also shines a light on the fine production work being done by DJ/ Beatmakers Mynameisj0hn and Naïve Ted. Along with vocal contributions from God Knows, Guide and Denise Chaila and some fine saxophone playing from Steve Hanks, ‘Surface Tension’ builds on the high standards the MCs and Producers have set for themselves since the release of ‘Rusangano’.
MuRli’s ‘Surface Tension’ EP is out now on murli.bandcamp.com