Ledwidge – on 100th anniversary of his death

Katie O’Kelly with Ethan Dillon in the role of Frances Ledwidge

ANTHONY Fox directs a new play on the late World War 1 poet Francis Ledwidge that comes to Friars’ Gate Theatre, Kilmallock on Saturday March 25, 8pm.

Staged by The New Theatre Dublin, we hear from tour promotor Jim Myers that “touching upon themes of class and war, ‘Ledwidge’ presents its subject in the context of his art and politics, bringing to life the adventurous spirit of Ireland’s greatest love/ war poet.


“From his early life as a young miner and trade union organiser, his love for two young women who were to influence him so strongly and his desire to believe that there was a better world where possibilities and freedom are one – we see him enlist and make it to battle in Suvla Bay.”

He distinguished himself at Gallipoli.

The playwright is Gerard Humphreys, a BBC Stewart Parker Award winner, and this work has a cast of five.

Too few of us know that Ledwidge (Ethan Dillon) was a copper miner, and ever the activist who became general secretary of the Slane branch of his union, who made it on to local authority boards.

Look forward to hear pipers from the Thomas McDonagh Pipe Band play resonant tunes: “He shall not hear the bittern cry”.