New poetry jukebox pops up in Limerick park

The Poetry Jukebox currently on display in the People's Park.

THE PEOPLE’S Park in Limerick City is now home to a new Poetry Jukebox, installed as part of Poetry as Commemoration.

Poetry as Commemoration is an initiative led by the University College Dublin Library with support from the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport, and Media under the Decade of Centenaries Programme 2012-2023.

For twelve weeks, the Jukebox will allow people to listen to poems commemorating the centenaries of the War of Independence and the Civil War.

The Jukebox curation will include recordings of 10 commissioned poems by Aifric Mac Aodha, Bebe Ashley, Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi, Martina Evans, Séan Hewitt, Nithy Kasa, Paul Muldoon, Padraig Regan and Stephen Sexton, and others.

With a turn of a handle and a press of a button, visitors can enjoy a selection of works from some of the most talented Irish poets.

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Poetry as Commemoration encourages people on the island of Ireland, to build a greater understanding of our shared past through creative engagement with archival materials  relating to the War of Independence and Civil War.

According to Poetry As Commemoration, Poetry, as a medium, invites nuanced interpretation, unpacking complex issues in a compressed space.

As former Director of Poetry Ireland, Niamh O’Donnell stated, poetry has a generative capacity, “offering interaction and discovery as an alternative to confrontation, offering curiosity not certainty, hope not hate.”

Poetry can communicate the effect of significant events on the lives of ordinary people, while simultaneously promoting a shared understanding of these events.

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