Limerick superfood brand aims to beat the January blues

Limerick supplement brand Juspy is hoping to stave off the January blues.

AS JANUARY drags on and the January blues well and truly settle in, one Limerick woman is hoping her hunger for healthy food will help keep people in high spirits.

Juspy, founded by Limerick woman Leonie Lynch, makes a superfood supplement comprised of marine collagen, protein, vitamins, and minerals that she claims is designed for anyone living a busy life to give them “the extra edge”.

Speaking to the Limerick Post, Leonie said that the idea for the product came about after she had just had a baby while studying for her PhD.

“Back in 2013 I had my first baby, I was doing my PhD, I was writing up my thesis, I was feeding the baby myself, and basically just burning the candle at all ends, completely not looking after my own health, drinking too much coffee, eating too much chocolate in the postnatal period,” Leonie explains.

“I was looking at a box of baby formula one day and it said ‘everything your baby needs in one place’ to give it nourishment and all that, and I just thought ‘I need that’.”

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Inspiration struck when Leonie, struggling to find an all-in-one nutritional solution, decided to create her own.

Justpy, a phonetic word made up to sound like ‘just be’, was officially founded in 2016 and began trading in 2020.

“The tagline I use now is ‘the extra edge’,” Leonie says. “It’s a nutritional top-up, it won’t answer all your nutritional needs, it’s not a meal replacement or anything like that, what it does is top up your collagen intake, top up your protein, get some fibre into you, get some essential fatty acids and superfoods.”

“So it’s an all in one booster.”

The product can be used in a variety of ways, including in smoothies, overnight oats, in milk after the gym, in coffee, or even as a hot chocolate.

“What’s more awful than being deprived in January? Nobody has money because you’ve spent it all in December, you’re told to give up your wine, your chocolate, your treats, but the good thing about Juspy is you get to create a healthy habit and get all the nutritional benefits,” the founder says.

2023 was Juspy’s biggest year to date, launching in SuperValu stores, winning a Great Taste award, as well as recognised in the Guaranteed Irish awards.

Juspy can be found in select SuperValu stores, in health food shops, and online on